Channel Letters / Box Signs

Channel Letters

Channel letters are one of the best ways to advertise the name of your company on the front of your business or organization. Channel letters get your company noticed and work for you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Channel letter signs can be a strong generator of foot traffic. A highly visible set of channel letters could be the difference in getting potential clients to notice your business who otherwise might do business with your competitors. Signs Express handles everything from design, pulling city permits, fabrication, and installation. Todays front lit channel letter and reverse channel letter signs are most commonly lit with LED’s. Neon illumination is used occasionally.   However, LED’s can offer significantly long term energy savings and less maintenance with high visibility results.


Types of Channel Letters

There are four basic styles of channel letters;  front lit channel letters, reverse channel letters, exposed neon channel letters, and front and back lit channel letters.     The most common channel letters sold today are front lit channel letters.   Typically channel letters are installed on a raceway, wireway, aluminum backplate, or mounted individually directly to the facade of a storefront.  


Box Signs / Replacement Faces

Box signs are another great way to put your name up in lights on a storefront or as a pylon sign.   Many businesses increase their bottom line significantly just by adding a highly visible, attention grabbing sign.  Box signs are generally illuminated with high output daylight flourescent lamps.   You might have an existing box sign and just need to replace or update the look of the current faces.    There are several options for the faces of box signs.    First is a flat acrylic face with translucent vinyl graphics.   This option is meant for smaller box signs and is very cost effective.   The second option is embossed pan faces.   This type of face is constructed of high impact acrylic or lexan.     Embossed pan faces add to the strength and rigidity of a sign face which will allow the face to be made larger and withstand high winds compared to flat acrylic faces.    The lettering and/or graphics for embossed pans are generally painted on the backside of the sign face using high quality industrial enamel paints which will give your sign many years of service with very minimal fading.   The last option for box sign faces is flex face material.   This type of face is meant for really large box signs.  It  is constructed of a heavy duty vinyl that is stretched across the sign using a clip retention system that stretches the face as tight as a drum.   The graphics for flex face material can either be translucent cut vinyl graphics or digitally printed translucent graphics.   The professionals at Signs Express are experts at figuring out which type of sign faces will work best for your specific project.  Call today to schedule a consultation.

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